Requests for Release at bottom of page, please read instructions carefully !!


In Accordance with guidelines set forth by USA hockey and NY State Hockey the Rebels, Hawks and Lady Islanders are expecting to have on ice tryouts in the near future.     Check back for updated tryout information.




2021-2022 Tryout Schedule


NOTE:  If you obtained a release from Rebels / Hawks / Lady Islanders / LI Royals / or any other organziation you MUST BRING THE ORIGINAL RELEASE  TO THE FIRST TRYOUT or you will not be allowed to tryout.


NOTE:  Tryouts for the Squirt, Peewee, and Bantam levels have two combined sessions before separating into age specific groups.  Players trying must attend the first two combined sessions.  

TRYOUT APPLICATION     2021-2022         

NOTE:   Any player from another travel organization MUST present an ORIGINAL signed release form.   Based on the tryout numbers the Rebels / Hawks may add additional teams to the levels.  

The Rebels strongly suggests the below team age categories be followed however it does not preclude, and we will not prevent, a player trying out for any within their classification.

2003-2004 17-18 Years Midget 18U
2005 16 Years  Midget 16 AA
2006 15 Years Midget 16 A
2007 14 Years Bantam AA
2008 13 Years Bantam A
2009 12 Years Peewee  AA
2010 11 Years Peewee  A
2011 10 Years  Squirt  AA
2012 Years Squirt  A
2013 and younger 7-8 Years Mites



     MITE      $0 $0
     SQUIRT      $75 $100
     PEEWEE      $100 $125
     BANTAM      $125 $150
     MIDGET      $125 $150

Pre-paid discount ends seven days prior to first tryout, tryout fee will increase by $25

All players trying out (Squirt - 18U)  will receive a Rebels Logo jersey to use for all tryouts.  Upon completion of tryouts player will keep the jersey.

No partial tryout fee's will be accepted.   To obtain the tryout discount the application and fee must be mailed (postmarked 7 days prior to the first tryout) to:

Long Island Rebels
PO Box 1041
Huntington NY 11743

NOTE:  Dix Hills Rink Office will not accept applications and/or tryout payment.     



(Read Movement Rules and Required Forms Carefully) 

 Failure to follow the instructions will result in a delay or not receiving the request release returned.

Current Rebel players requesting a release  (click here to download release forms  must send the completed  "Player Release Form"   along with a completed   "Acknowledgement of Player Movement Rules Form"   with A Stamped Self Addressed Envelope to:

Long Island Rebels
PO Box 1041
Huntington, NY 11743


1.  Dix Hills Rink Staff can not issue or help you obtain a release.  You must follow above  process.

2.  Releases can not be submitted or obtained in person, they must be mailed.   Releases will not be left at rink office.

3. Releases can not be emailed or faxed.  They must have an original signature and raised seal.

4.  If all three (above listed) required items are not submitted the release will not be issued.

5.  We normally complete and place back into the mail within two days however NYSAHA states teams have 10 days to return completed release.

6.  The "Original" release must be brought to any tryout you attend including Rebels / Hawks.

The Rebels  follow the above listed NYSAHA and  LIAHL rules and will not violate or circumvent them, please do not ask.

Rebels / Hawks / Lady Islanders players wishing a release must fill out the online Release Request form.  Requests will be processed and emailed providing all fees are paid in full; the individual has no outstanding balance with the team; the team has completed all play for the season including tournaments, games and practices; and team has no outstanding ice bill with the league. All qualified (see above) requested releases will issued 10 days prior to the NYSAHA tryout date or  in limited cases 10 days after the qualified request.  An original form is required and copies (fax included) are not acceptable.

NYSAHA Rule 7.A states:

"Players will be allowed to move from one team (association) to another team (association) at the conclusion of the State Tournament for 10 and under players and at the end of National Tournaments for players 11 and above.

At the conclusion of the respective tournament the player must obtain a release from the association that they are leaving showing they have no financial and/or equipment obligation.

When a player joins a new association and the association and player commit in writing, that commitment to participate is for the next complete season. Until the season ends (after respective tournament) no permission to move will be granted without extenuating circumstances. The request must be submitted to the respective Section Vice President who will MAKE THE DETERMINATION AND present it to the NYSAHA Board of Directors."

NOTE:   Items Required to be mailed..........

 1.  Filled out  Player Release Form

2.  Filled out  Acknowledgement of Player Movement Rules Form

3.  Stamped Self Addressed Envelope

NOTE:  If one of the above three items is not included in the mailing the request will not be processed.